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Hardy Plant Society Members' Christmas Do


Around 80 Hardy Planters braved icy roads, particularly around Moortown and Nettleton and from Horncastle to Wragby, to attend our Christmas Do at William Farr School in Welton - and what a spread they brought with them - Gardeners are obviously jolly good cooks too.

It's a Bring and Share event and everyone brought something savoury, sweet or one of each - from smoked salmon with cream cheese blinis, pork pies, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, quiches, sandwiches, salads, rolls and breads, to banoffee pie, roulades, plum bread, tarts, cakes, trifle, mince pies, cheesecakes and shortbread; with the committee providing the drinks.

Chairman, Liz Holmes, warmly welcomed everyone and announced the afternoon's programme of events, which were slightly different than in recent years but first, of course, was the sampling of the delicious Buffet, with seconds for many.

On each of the tables was a short cryptic Garden quiz and new for this year a Christmas quiz, and quickly questions were discussed, or quizzes passed around, so that everyone could have an input with the answers.

The Garden quiz answers were then given and this was followed by an exciting Raffle draw for the many prizes on offer, all of which had been donated.

Then it was the turn of one of our members, Loretta Rivett, a native yellowbelly, to give an extremely entertaining explanation about the Lincolnshire accent and dialect. She began, "I was brought up in North Kelsey speaking a broad Lincolnshire dialect spoken by everyone in the village."

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Loretta Rivett is on left hand side of the table and has shoulder-length hair.

She continued: "My father was a farmer's son, so he was posher than my mother, who was a farm labourer's daughter and there was quite a difference in their speech." People didn't travel far from home in those days and the farm workers who were hired for one year at a time at different farms, usually travelled around just 10 miles or so"

"This was my first language and it was only really when I attended a school away from the village, Caistor Grammar, that I learned another form of English."

Loretta also included a selection of poems and stories - some with a Christmas theme - which were most enjoyable and warmly appreciated by her audience.

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Next item was the Christmas Quiz answers, read out by Liz Holmes, to much oohing and aaghing and "I told you so" or "well I never", then much laughter when one table of quizzers hadn't turned the paper over, so had only completed half the questions!

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The final announcement was for everyone to see if their chair had a number underneath, with a splendid potted cyclamen being gifted to the recipient of the lucky chair at each table and then all that remained for us to do, was to wish each other Merry Christmas, wrap up warmly and brave the cold weather and tricky driving conditions once again.

May we take the opportunity of wishing all Brigg Life readers the Compliments of the Season.


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