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Public garden design: save money, water and help nature!

In these times of austerity, councils are always looking of ways to save money while maintaining services. One example of this is in the provision of public gardens and parks.

One good example of different approaches to planter design can be found in the neighbouring council of Cleethorpes. Three planters on the island in the bus station near The Pier show themes which could save money, water and give a helping hand to nature.

Planter 1: Perennial food plants. This planter is overflowing with edible plants and herbs. All edible and drought tolerant. No added planting costs in subsequent years. Food/nectar for wildlife.

Copyright 2015 Frazer Matthew Melton

Planter 2: Seaside theme. Nicely structured bed of seaside plants. Non edible but drought tolerant. Also no added cost of planting in subsequent years.

Copyright 2015 Frazer Matthew Melton

Planter 3: Conventional bedding plants. Pretty in a formal way. Planting costs each year. Requires watering. Not much food/nectar for wildlife.

Copyright 2015 Frazer Matthew Melton

The gardeners at Cleethorpes have won awards for their plantings, so it may be worth picking up some of their good ideas for planting in Brigg???

Planters 1 and 2 show different ways of saving planting costs, watering and maintenance by having perennial displays of nature-friendly plants, which are equally as attractive as the more traditional formal bedding displays. Perhaps Brigg could have a riverside themed bed?

Just a thought :-)

Words and pictures copyright 2015 Frazer Matthew Melton


From: Jane McInerney - Date: 1 July 2015 at 11:30

Great idea. Could/would the local gardening club and/or Brigg Garden Centre take it on?

A sign could give them credit on the actual site.


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