Where is Lincolnshire?

Map: Lincolnshire UK
Lincolnshire, UK

Lincolnshire is a unique county. Cut off from the rest of the country by marshes and rivers for much of its history, it has developed at its own pace and in its own way. Many people in the south of England have not even heard of it. Lincolnshire's largest town - Grimsby - is even sometimes cited as 'Grimsby, Yorkshire' on the national television news, for example.

Nevertheless, Lincolnshire is the second largest county in the country with an area of 1.7 million acres. Recent administrative changes saw the creation of Humberside (1974-96) and then North and East Lincolnshire in 1996.

The general awareness of Lincolnshire as a separate county may soon be further eroded by the creation of the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Assembly.

It is ironical, however, that at a time when the county is being wished away by Westminster, Lincolnshire is the destination of a mass movement of people from London and the southern counties who are seeking a higher quality of life in peaceful surroundings.

The question - 'Where is Lincolnshire?' - is valid and is set to become ever more pertinent. Even though the county of Lincolnshire still extends physically from the Humber to the Wash, the idea of it as a separate region / area with its own unique character, lifestyle and heritage is fast disappearing in the same way as the dialect disappeared.

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