Brigg has a long history and many people have come and gone to the market and the alehouses. Who knows what happened in the past after a long day carousing on market day? And who knows what spirits are left in the town afterwards?

There are many reported ghosts in Brigg. Here are some reports of investigations of paranormal activity in old buildings around town:

Northern circular *
A fascinating site containing lots of information about crop circles in the North of England
Belton ghost?
A contributor from the States doesn't see the ghost in Belton
War of the Wolds?
Mysterious circles have appeared in crops on the Atherton Way Industrial estate in Brigg. Could they be the result of the activities of UFOs??
Manor House Convent - Brigg
An investigation in the house which used to house the Brigg convent
Friends United Seeking Spirit
A new ghost hunting group is formed
Changes at Spirit Searchers
The local ghost research group splits up
Gladiator Ghost Investigation
An investigation of the Dying Gladiator Public House Brigg took place on the 20th November 2004
Belton Ghost?
Are these pictures of a ghost in Belton?
Pub spirits?
Odd spirits at a local hostelry?
Paranormal events?
Have you been experiencing paranormal events? If so a new local group can help
Tree dressing?
Are some of our old traditions still being practised in a Brigg park?
Brigg ghost sighted
A mysterious figure in Smith Parkinson's window is photographed...

And here are some more general resources on the web:

Useful links
There is a lot of useful material on the web relating to ghosts and the supernatural. Here is a selection of links