The Brigg Christmas Fair (aka. Fayre) takes place around about the week of St. Nicholas Day. If you would like to book a stall, call Mike Johnson on 01652 652979 or Brigg Tourist Information on 01652 657053.

Brigg Christmas Fair 2006

The 2006 Christmas Fayre will take place on Friday 1st of December. There will be a craft and charity market, street entertainment, bands, dancers, carol singers, punch and judy, Brigg town centre, late-night shopping till 9pm.

Brigg Christmas Fair 2004

5 December 2004

XMAS fair
Wrawby Street

The Brigg Christmas Fair took place on Friday 3 December 2004 in the Market Place in Brigg. The Fair was opened by the Scunthorpe Pantomime at 5pm in the Market Place.

The market place and Wrawby Street were packed with stalls, funfair, music and strolling Christmas visitors.

The success of this event - like many others throughout the 800th centenary year - has highlighted the positive and powerful economic effects of public entertainments.

With an estimated 15,000 visitors the fair may have brought over £100,000 into the town with a fair proportion going to local businesses. Active and sympathetic 'management' and especially promotion of such events is likely to be the key to Brigg's long term prosperity.

Christmas Fair 2003

Moving treat

19 November 2004

We are moving into Wrawby Thursday 25 November. We have heard of the Christmas Fair and are pleased to see that we will be in our new home just in time to come and enjoy this event. Can you tell me when the lights are switched on and where we should go to see the official Switch On?

Our little girl is nine years old and is excited at her move to a new home and new town. This should be quite a nice start to our new Brigg Life !

Regards, Sue M

Ed. Good to hear that your moving into the area. I hope that everything goes well in your new house. The Brigg Christmas Fair is opened at 5pm on Friday December 3rd in the Market Place. The cast of the Scunthorpe Pantomime (Peter Pan) are performing the ceremony. Merry Christmas!

Trick or treat danger

20 October 2004

Well its October 19th and we've had our first trick or treaters round. Two lads in their late teens wearing masks. It frightened the life out of our cat!

I'm sure the elderly residents of our pleasant neighbourhood will not be at all happy at the thought of two weeks of being hassled for money on their doorstep. Why can't we stick to the old traditions of just one night of Halloween? We have Christmas starting in late August, Easter eggs in the shops in the early new year.

If things carry on as they are we will be working a year in advance on our celebrations. Why don't we have next year's Christmas celebrations this year!!

Ray, Wrawby

Ed: Ray - I know the feeling exactly ... I plead poverty myself and they tend to go away, but it is a nuisance. Personally, I'm thinking of celebrating Christmas on January 6th (the old new year) so that I can buy presents, cards and decorations in the sales ... ;-)

On a more serious point - encouraging children to go around knocking on doors and asking for money isn't the world's greatest or safest idea. There are so many dangers for children now with traffic, drugs etc - that it would be better if they weren't put at risk in this way either.

Christmas Fair 2003

Another year and another fair. This time a bit busier than last. Even without publicity, the fair draws in people, which shows Brigg in its true colours as the entertainments centre of the region.

The Brigg Christmas Fair took place on the eve of Saint Nicholas on the 5th of December 2003 between 5pm and 9pm in the Market Place and in the Angel Hotel foyer.

There was a variety of entertainment including Father Christmas in his grotto together with carol singers and a candlelight parade. Come along and enjoy the fun of the fair!

Christmas Fair 2002

The Fayre was opened by a selection of dignitaries and celebrities: the mayor, the cast of 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' (incl. Graeme Squires, Julian Addy and Katie Ashby) and Miss Scunthorpe evening telegraph. Here the lights are being switched on.

All of the stalls were taken by the artists, crafts people, festive food and gifts. Food stalls doing particularly well with the pride of place going to the roast hog.

After the illuminations, there was a concert by several schools singing traditional Christmas carols and bell-ringing from the Hibaldstow Bell-ringers followed by fun on the bouncy castle and by Punch and Judy.

Pictures by Joan M.