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Broughton Woods for sale

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Category: broughton Date: 2008oct19

EMAIL 2008Oct19 12:31 from Anon

It would appear to be a matter of corporate sour grapes as since Forest Pines have not been allowed to extend the golf course, the woods have now been put up for sale.

(In response to BriggLife article: Broughton woods safe (for now)...)

I am sure this isn't allowed as the woodland was bought from a large estate by a Mr Dixon in 1996 I think. I have copies from a local bulletin from the time, where it was stated that the woods were being bought to preserve them for the people of Broughton and the wider area to enjoy in future generations. It also says that upon his death they were to be put into a trust for 80 years and that they would not be sold off.

Oh how things change!!!!

Anyone with a 'spare' 3 million or so, could you please, please, please buy the woods and finally secure them for future generations to enjoy, before they are turned into a golf course, only to be enjoyed by wealthy middle-aged members and not everyone.

Ed's comment

Mr / Mrs Anon, could you please send through a photocopy / scan of the bulletin?? brigglife@gmail.com.

A real sense of "deja vu" here ... In Brigg there was a document which guaranteed the free use of the land where the main car park stands - this was "lost" (conveniently enough for the Council). Without a document stating that the land is held in trust, the Broughton Woods could quite easily be "re-developed" (i.e. destroyed for wildlife).

Does anyone else have a written copy of the bulletin or deed?


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